Art, music, sports, entertainment… These are nothing things that should become important only after we’ve taken care of everyone

firefighterWhen someone we know among our loved ones is sick, suffering or dying, do we gather around, sing songs, dance around and be joyful?!…

So why do we do this while a large percentage of the world is suffering? It seems that Art, music, sports and entertainment are for those who have their belly’s full but not for those who are desperately trying to survive unfortunately. Why is it we can not accept the idea of humanity as being one big family? We are all part of the human species and even if we do not know or understand everyone that is part of it, we should make every effort possible to bridge the differences like we would try with a close relative or friend.

It is as if humans can not conceive having empathy or generosity for others unless they are directly concerned. One good reason for this is that we have educated ourselves to accept scarcity as a rule. There is simply not enough to go around so some will have much while others will have little, this is how nature and humans function together. If you are young, intelligent and strong, (and lucky to be born in a wealthy environment) somehow you deserve more than others that are weaker than you are. Are we not civilized enough to go beyond this caveman mentality? Again, do we think this way for the family or friends we love and care for? Many humans want to love only if they are loved back, I hear you but with abundant resources for everyone, this condition would no longer exist.

There is not enough real ‘love’ to go around, true, that is why we have to make it a very important rule for us all, whether we love someone on the other side of the world or not, caring for the well being of everyone should be the most important part of our cultural values. Without this shift in our value system, without understanding the essential importance of this, part of the world will continue dancing and sometimes be very well rewarded for it, while many others continue to suffer and die, sometimes dying to save our lives, like the firefighter in the picture above. If our monetary system was sane, these people would be rewarded just as much as artists or football players.